Why Book Our Temps

"Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance"

Our assistants are educated to have the simple mentality of “what’s next” at all times whilst providing the service of a temporary Dental Assistant.

Here at Temp DA we actively encourage our temps to ask questions, professionally communicate and always start the day with one simple phrase:

“Is there anything you would like me to know in advance about how you operate that will be useful for me to make your day run smoothly?”

Our Recruitment Process

Temp DA ensures staff to be sufficiently trained and experienced in all elements of Dental Assisting. Our Dental Assistants  undergo a thorough employment check.


Our applicants skills are individually tested upon registering to Temp. Our assistants must prove to have impeccable knowledge and habitual practical competence in infection control, hand hygiene, sterilisation and all clinical procedures prior to being employed with Temp DA. 

Our Expectations

Here at Temp DA, our staff are aware that our clients do not expect them to know in house clinic systems. 


However showing initiative, actively participating in treatment facilitation and anticipating the needs of the dentist with a smile and caring nature is what makes a fantastic Dental Assistant!

Our Placement Process

At Temp DA we recognise the diversity amongst all dental clinics. Temp DA has systems in place screening our staff to ensure each assistants skills are suited to the style of clinic they are matched with.


We aim to ensure a skilful competent services is provided to each and every client!


We encourage feedback and open communication. We aim to appropriately reward our deserving staff as well as ensure we are correctly appointing our assistants to meet our clients requirements and expectations.