The Temp DA Difference 

Our industry experience is what makes the “Temp DA difference”.


We have the knowledge of what skills separate a good Dental Assistant from a great Dental Assistant.


We understand the attributes required to make a Dental Assistant a highly valuable productive member of the dental team. 

Our Commitment to DA Education

We offer in clinic workshop covering essential topics for dental practice success.

Stop advertising for that one in a million super star DA and start creating one!

Our workshop available to present at your dental practice covers topics listed and can be tailored to your dental practices needs. 

  • Infection control - Aseptic technique and Instrument classification that will save you time and money! Efficient workflow, fast change overs.

  • Clinical Technique - Intra oral and extra oral photography. Advanced clinical set ups, instrument knowledge and handling including rubber dam and tofflemire set up.

  • Four handed chair side assisting - Maximise your Dental Assistant, cut up to 15 minutes from your appointment time through chairside speed!

  • Patient communication and facilitation skills - The ultimate patient experience. Advocating the dental treatment plan. Oral hygiene instruction.

Women Holding Hands

Train, retain and empower your staff. 

"Having an up skilled dental team is the only way to ensure you have a profitable business of choice providing exceptional dental care to appreciative members of the community"

If you can relate to the following statements, your clinic may benefit from our hands on workshop!

"If only my assistant would actively engage in Four-Handed Dentistry".

"If only I could leave my assistant alone with my patient to do full mouth record taking I would  finally have time to perform my hygiene examination.​"

​"If only I didn't have to discuss costs payment plans and procedures I would have so much more time to focus on actually performing great dentistry."


What is Patient Facilitation?

Facilitation is a patient management technique, that focuses on acting as the patients advocate prior to, during and after each appointment.


It’s an upskilled communication tool removing barriers between health care workers and patients accepting ideal treatment plans.


When done correctly dentist will see an increase in treatment plan acceptance. With facilitation the dental team will be able to relate to their patients on a more personal level increasing patient rapport. When a trusting relationship is built, only then will patient education and engagement convert to treatment plan acceptance and improved patient care.

What is Four Handed Dentistry?

Four-handed dentistry is a technique when using your clinical assistant to their full potential.


The ideology being the clinician is the eyes inside the mouth and the assistant is the eyes outside of the mouth. Four-handed dentistry is when your assistant is involved in handing you each instrument as you need them without the need of the dentist to look away from the mouth at any given time.


A Dental Assistant trained in four-handed dentistry will have set up your rubber damn, place and remove your toffle myer and know exactly what instrument you need next prior to you needing it! This technique greatly improves a dental practices efficiency, productivity and your dental assistant's job satisfaction.

What is Clinical Technique

Clinical technique cover all elements of a Dental Assistance scope of practice.


This includes, aseptic techniques that can cut your monthly gloves order in half, clinical education of procedures and materials, practical skill in delivering oral hygiene instruction and many ideas and systems that can be adapted to any dental practice.


These skills result in improving efficiency, cutting material costs and affectively adhering to all infection control requirements.